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Comfort, mobility, time saving. The advantages of transport are endless. But wherever you go, always contact the professionals. The list is below


Air Astana

There are many airports within Kazakhstan. Nur-Sultan, Almaty, and Atyrau have their international airports, and domestic flights are often the quickest option if you are traveling a significant distance. Air Astana is the largest airline in Kazakhstan that operates over 40 domestic and international routes.

Website: Home (


Private jets


FlyJet is an independent and financially stable airline established in 2008 to perform flights and operate aircraft for transportation of aircraft owners (private flights), as well as to perform non-scheduled commercial flights at the request of third parties (charter flights). In 2010, the Company made the grade turning to more global and more strategic plans implementation. Fly started flying Western and American aircraft. The Airline has started using a new type of aircraft, the first medium-range Citation X Cessna 750 aircraft, and the Cessna Aircraft Company has reached a new level of business aviation development in Kazakhstan. One of the Airline’s priority strategies is to take a leading position in the field of VIP air transportation and non-scheduled commercial flights. All types of flights are strictly regulated by ICAO standards and the applicable laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Business Jets

You can order a private jet with a crew from Business Jets and make a prompt flight to a destination in Kazakhstan or another country. The company organizes international and domestic business aviation flights. The database contains more than 5600 models of private jets, of all types: from small aircraft to large business jets.


Besides the official websites of the operators, you can also purchase tickets on the following search engines:


KTZ is the largest operator of the main railway network in Kazakhstan.

Website: ЖД билеты без комиссии в Казахстане (

Besides the official websites of the operators, you can also purchase tickets on the search engines:


For shorter journeys, you can find taxi operators useful. You can book Yandex Taxi, Uber, or Indriver by downloading their apps on your phone.

Car rental


Elite Trans


  • Car rental with a driver;

  • Rent a car without a driver;

  • Corporate service

  • Limousine rental;

  • Delivery of the car to the right place without a driver

Address: Nur-Sultan, st. Mustafina / 46

Phone: +7(702) 188-49-67

Royal Motors


The main focus of the company is car rental with a driver. Here you can order a car for a one-time trip around the city, hourly rent, for a trip to other cities of Kazakhstan and Russia, airport-Astana-airport transfer, as well as rent a car for a wedding.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Saryarka Avenue, 35

Phone: +7(701)550-55-27



The company will deliver the car to you anywhere in the city, and after the end of the rental period they will pick it up.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Shakarima Kudaiberdiuly Ave., 72

Phone: +7(775)389-98-46





To ensure maximum comfort for the guests of our country, Nur-Trans company offers car rental services in the most favorable conditions. The main advantage of the company is a personal fleet, namely economy cars, business cars, premium class, comfortable buses, minibusses, and even helicopters, flexible prices, individual conditions for cooperation with potential and current partners, as well as extensive experience in participating and conducting major events from local to international significance.

Address: Nur-Sultan, Abylay Khan Avenue, 41/3

Phone: +7(776)-666-66-48

Asia Service-M


  • Standard class

  • Premium class

  • Economy class

  • Limousines

  • Car rental with a driver

Address: Nur-Sultan, 23 Beimbet Mailin Street

Phone: +7(701)-514-58-77

IM Group


  • Standard class

  • Premium class

  • Economy class

  • Car rental with a driver

  • Cash payment

  • Bank payment

Address: Nur-Sultan, Beimbet Mailin Street, 1A

Phone: +7(778)-202-53-59



  • Standard class

  • Premium class

  • Economy class

  • Limousines

  • Retro cars

  • Car rental with a driver

  • Cash

  • Bank payment

Address: Nur-Sultan, 6 Saryarka Avenue

Phone: +7(701) 522-54-89



If you have your car, AIFC Expat Centre can assist with vehicle-related services.

To drive and operate a vehicle in Kazakhstan, a foreign national should obtain a driving license and register the vehicle license plate.

International driving licenses issued in the member states of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic with an available residence permit or a diplomatic passport of the Republic of Kazakhstan may be replaced with a Kazakhstan driver’s license. 

Before applying for replacement/issuance of a driving license, a foreign national should be registered as an individual taxpayer and hold an Individual Identification Number (IIN).

For more information please refer to the website of the AIFC Expat Centre :

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