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The presence of business representatives in any country is combined with close interaction with local authorities. We have collected for you the contacts of the most necessary services

Obtaining Individual Identification Number

Please see below the Individual Identification Number (IIN) obtaining process

On the territory of Kazakhstan:

  • Government for the citizen's offices

  • Kz portal

  • AIFC Expat Centre


  • 11 Kazakhstan diplomatic missions: Washington DC, Seoul, Bishkek, Moscow, Prague, Dubai, New York, Saint-Petersburg, Frankfurt, Istanbul, and Beijing

The AIFC Expat Centre’s team can assist you in the process of obtaining IIN on a Personal Manager service basis.

Required documents  for IIN issuance:

  • Completed application (click);

  • Clear copy of passport (certified translation into Kazakh or Russian with a notary stamp);

  • Consent form, applicable only if submission goes through AIFC Expat Centre (click);

  • Notarized power of attorney for a representative (if applicable). 

Electronic digital signature (EDS)

Electronic digital signature (EDS) has the same status as handwritten signatures (legal and enforceable). A wide range of e-government services can be received by EDS.

Please, kindly be informed that there are some amendments in the process of obtaining an Electronic Digital Signature. Such as, from now on, in addition to the documents mentioned below, it is required to provide a notarized translation of identity documents, in Kazakh or Russian languages. 

Required documents for EDS issuance:

  • Completed application (should be submitted online at at AIFC Expat Centre)

  • Notarized copy of passport translated in Kazakh or Russian languages (for foreign nationals)

  • Identification document (for Kazakhstan citizens)

  • Individual Identification Number (IIN)

  • Notarized power of attorney (if applicable)

Registration of foreign citizens

  • Since January 11, 2020, foreign nationals are exempted from the mandatory passport registration procedure in the Migration Authority if they stay for a period not exceeding 30 calendar days

  • The host party in Kazakhstan (i.e. legal entities, individuals, hotels, landlords, etc.) is obliged to notify the Migration Police on the arrival of a foreign national (visa holder, visa-free visitor) within 3 business days at each entry to the country

Please make sure that the host party submitted the required notification to avoid troubles at the Border Control when leaving the country.

Notification can be processed:

  • Through the AIFC Expat Centre by submitting an official letter no later than on the second business day after the arrival of the foreign guest


  • Via the state Visa-migration portal. The service is available for both individuals and legal entities. To use the portal you are required to have the E-Digital Signature


  • At the Migration Authority by submitting the official letter


Please keep in mind, that failure to comply with the visa and migration regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan will lead to administrative prosecution under the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Police registration

Since January 11, 2020, foreign nationals are exempted from the mandatory passport registration procedure by the Migration Authorities. Registration is only applicable for countries, that have reciprocal agreements with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on a visa-free regime (please click to see the list),   and registration is carried out for the duration of the employment labor contract or expert agreement for the performance of work (provision of services) or based on a letter from inviting party for private affairs (period of stay is no longer than 90 days)

Required documents

  • Letter from inviting party (click)

  • Original passport

Please note: additional documents may be required if necessary


Loss of a passport

In case of loss of a passport, an immigrant must immediately contact the internal affairs bodies at the place of temporary stay and provide a statement with a detailed description of the circumstances when the loss of the document occurred. Based on the application of the immigrant, who has been registered by the established rules and whose identity has been established, the migration police department issues a certificate issued to foreigners regarding their loss of passports or documents replacing them.

Based on the issued certificate, the foreigner receives a new passport or a document replacing it at the consular office of his/her country, whereby the internal affairs authorities issue the exit visa

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