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Ozara is the foremost specialist consulting firm in the AIFC established in January 2018.
With extensive, global and diverse experience at the intersection of Finance, Regulation, Law and Commerce; Ozara Services is your partner who finds innovative solutions and answers to help your business grow and thrive.
The company advises on all aspects of registering and incorporating a firm within the AIFC and, facilitate and manage the process to provide a straightforward and professional experience as in other financial centres
Phone: +7 777 467 99 00
Email: [email protected]


ABROY Boutique Law Firm is a law firm registered under the AIFC law and is licensed to provide ancillary legal and financial consultancy services.

The law firm is specialized in Kazakhstan and International commercial litigation, inbound & outbound taxation, AIFC, corporate management proceeding and harmonization, as well as providing financial assessment and support services.

The company is experienced in working with both domestic and international companies and individuals, having represented clients from the UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Kazakhstan, Russia, India, and the Netherlands

Phone: +1 437 260 7774, +7 777 784 7774 (WhatsApp)
Email: [email protected]

Legal Consulting Community Limited (LCC Ltd.) is a registered and authorised law firm in the AIFC jurisdiction since 2019. We are AIFC business set-up experts with 4-years of experience in dealing with clients from all around the globe. Our goal is to provide client-oriented service with minimal time-consuming and maximum resource-saving. As a law firm, we are licensed to provide Legal and Consulting services, as well as acting as a Company Service Provider. LCC Ltd. team is represented by experienced professionals practicing in business and law in Kazakhstan and AIFC, Russia, Belgium, France, and other countries.


+7-923-105-56-77 (WhatsApp)

+7-705-180-72-40 (Beeline Kazakhstan)
Email: [email protected]

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