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About the Programme

Kazakhstan Investment Tax Residency Programme is designed to attract investments by offering foreign nationals (and stateless persons) to obtain long-term investment visas or temporary residence and tax residence in Kazakhstan under simplified conditions


Benefits of the Programme

  • Tax exemptions on foreign income and investments in the Programme

  • Affordable investment amount threshold

  • High-liquidity investment instruments

  • Unlimited entry to Kazakhstan

  • 5-year visa/temporary residence permit for the investor and his/her immediate family

  • "90-days residency rule" for Tax Residency Certificate

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old

  • Applicant has not been a citizen of Kazakhstan within 20 years

  • Applicant has not been a tax resident of Kazakhstan within 20 years

Minimum Investment Volume

 from $60,000

Investment Instruments

Securities listed on AIX

Application process


Choose an Authorized Agent and submit an online application


Invest a minimum of 60,000 US Dollars in approved investment instrument(s)


Reside in Kazakhstan for 90 days to apply for a Tax Residency Certificate 


Pay the application processing fee 


Become the AIFC Investment Resident


Pay the annual fee (7,000 MCI) to the state budget for issuing a Tax Residence Certificate


Pass a due diligence check


Investor visa/ temporary residence permit is issued by the authorized state body


Become a Tax Resident and enjoy all benefits of the Programme

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